My Cat Assists in Psychic Readings. :)


  If you are reading this blog, you likely know that I provide psychic readings online.  This means I spend time at the computer desk….and so does one of my cats.  Half of my desk is mine, and the other half is his domain ( he even has a little water dish to prevent him from drinking out of MY glasses). Goblin earned his name by being a hyper half-feral kitten, but now is a chubby desk kitty who loves his treats and periodic snuggle moments.  He sprawls—often his fluffy white belly on display— and gives me content kitty smiles while I perform readings… comforting companion.   I have come to recognize though that he really does play a very helpful role in the readings I provide.

       As an empath, I am very sensitive to the emotions of others and sometimes can absorb them into myself a little…..especially considering people often come to me in times of distress.  Just recently I have realized that I will reach out and pet my cat, even just for a second….when I start to take on the emotions from the person and situation that I am reading.  He is such a calming, loving presence that he helps to ease and ground things for me instantly.  Its funny to realize I have been doing this with him literally for several years and just now have recognized the role he plays in my work…and in turn helps others as well through me.  Yet another gift he has brought into my life.  Its amazing how much love and joy our fur children can give.

       So, here he is….my assistant in readings, lol. 🙂


About MagicSong

I am a singer, actress, artist, writer, geek........but first and foremost I am a professional psychic reader. I began providing readings on the internet back in 1996 when chat rooms were still new, and I myself was a young college student. Over the years I have grown with my clients---laughed with them, grieved with them, and also learned so much from my experiences. Through doing relationship readings I have been exposed to so many avenues of human nature and interaction, that I consider myself an expert in relationships. I care for my clients, and find great reward in helping people find their way through the obstacles life tends to hurl at us. If interested in receiving a reading, please visit my profile on liveperson. If you mention seeing this blog, I will offer a 50 percent discount on your first chat session.

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