A New Begining


Well, I decided to blow the dust off of this blog and try making a go of it again.    I likely will be making entries that are a mix of general musings and topics to do with spiritual matters.

So what is new on the Magicsong front?   This last year was one of a lot of change and growth for me.   I moved from an apartment to a spacious house, and have dedicated myself more to my psychic reading business and seen growth as a result.  I now plan to start doing more readings by phone.   Personally, I have been doing most readings via text/ type for over 15 years, so it is an interesting transition.   I have to remember to pause and let the client talk!   With typing I am used to reading questions and responses while I myself keep typing.  Once I tap into things I tend to race to keep-up with what I pick-up and to get it all out.     I am excited about the phone advances liveperson has been making, especially with the introduction of the new mobile access.     I am curious to see what else evolves once they re-launch us on Kasamba.  So,  people should be seeing my little phone availability light on soon. 🙂

                                 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


About MagicSong

I am a singer, actress, artist, writer, geek........but first and foremost I am a professional psychic reader. I began providing readings on the internet back in 1996 when chat rooms were still new, and I myself was a young college student. Over the years I have grown with my clients---laughed with them, grieved with them, and also learned so much from my experiences. Through doing relationship readings I have been exposed to so many avenues of human nature and interaction, that I consider myself an expert in relationships. I care for my clients, and find great reward in helping people find their way through the obstacles life tends to hurl at us. If interested in receiving a reading, please visit my profile on liveperson. If you mention seeing this blog, I will offer a 50 percent discount on your first chat session. http://www.liveperson.com/magicsong-love-readings

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