The Use of Citrine Gemstones to Boost Your Mood, Heal, and Attract Wealth!


I have a fascination and love for crystals and stones.  I cannot resist bins of stones at shops —I almost always end-up dipping my hands in like a little kid.   One by one I pick them up, and marvel at the difference in feel, energy, and even temperature that I perceive from them.   For me it is hard to deny that they have genuine energy and properties.

One of my favorite gemstones is citrine.   I have several jewelery items, as well as lose stones/ crystals of this stone, because I love the “cheerful” vibe they provide.   Citrine ranges in shades of gold, yellow, and a yellow-orange….thus contributing to the “sunny” appearance and energy.   It is the one stone that does not need to be cleansed because it does not absorb negative energy.   This to me is a large perk to the stone, because it literally cannot be contaminated by negative influences and exposure.

Citrine is used both as an aide in healing, and is known as ” The Merchant’s Stone” because it is said to attract prosperity and success.   I may not be able to fully confirm if either is true, but  I can say I do wear it when I am sick, or feeling down—and often feel a “perk” of sorts that does seem to help.   I also have a little collection of various stones and crystals in a candle dish on my desk, many of which are citrine.   As odd as it may sound, whenever I remember that they are there, and bring them out…..I seem to see an increase in my personal business.   Now, I cannot confirm that they are the actual cause, but it is interesting that I almost always see that result.   At the very least they provide something cheery in my work space.

The main necklace that I like to wear is cut in what is called a double terminated shape.  It is essentially a mini wand cut with points at each end in order to increase the flow of energy.   It is not exactly a “pretty” necklace because it has just a simple setting, but it is the one I feel the most connection to, and results from.  I actually often just wear this necklace around the house more for purpose than adornment.

For those new to exploring the benefits of using gem stones,  citrine is one I would highly recommend to start with.   I think everyone could use a little extra exposure to positive energy in their lives.



About MagicSong

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