What Defines a Soulmate? Is There Really Only One?



A very frequent question that I am asked is, ” Are they my soulmate?”.   In a lot of ways, I often feel that it is not my place to make that determination, because it is such a personal kind of bond.  Additionally, I personally do not believe that we have only a single soulmate out there for us.  I find it hard to believe that the universe, or the powers that be, would be so cruel as to give us only one chance at having that kind of relationship.  Through my years of providing relationship readings I have often seen people lose loved ones they considered to be their “mate”, and then go on to form new, intense, loving bonds that they also felt could be defined as being a soulmate.

Truly?   I think that there are many forms of soulmates.   I do not think it is limited to just a romantic bond, but rather can also be found in special relationships with family, friends, and even beloved pets.   I am sure most everyone has someone in their lives who they just feel a deep heart connection to—-someone who you feel just understands you to your core, and vice versa.   That best friend from grade school, or the grandmother who always seemed to know what was in your mind and heart.   Personally,  without hesitation I could say I feel a soulmate kind of bond with my sister.   She is  “my person”, and I could not imagine a world without her.

Those who have pets also likely know, you may love them all……however there is that special one or two you have in your lifetime who just come to own your heart.   You can develop such a deep, loving bond (almost kind of a psychic connection even) with them that can be hard to describe.   My belief is that there is a special kind of “soulmate” connection that can be formed even with our animal family members.

So many people operate under the stress of the assumption that they only have the one chance.   I have seen heartbreak and great distress from those who believe that they have lost their only hope and opportunity—-literal expression that since they missed the bus, it means they will have no other chance at love in their lives.   This simply is not true.   Please take heart, and know that soulmates are something that grow and form, they are not sitting on a shelf somewhere pre-destined, pre-made, and without the ability to repair,  or create anew if broken or lost.   When our hearts are hurting and yearning it may feel like the end, but really love is an amazing thing.   It can grow in the most unexpected places.

My advice?  Keep your heart, and your mind open.  Try not to burden or restrict yourself with the mindset that there is only one possible match in a sea of millions.  Love can be found in so many places, and in many forms.


About MagicSong

I am a singer, actress, artist, writer, geek........but first and foremost I am a professional psychic reader. I began providing readings on the internet back in 1996 when chat rooms were still new, and I myself was a young college student. Over the years I have grown with my clients---laughed with them, grieved with them, and also learned so much from my experiences. Through doing relationship readings I have been exposed to so many avenues of human nature and interaction, that I consider myself an expert in relationships. I care for my clients, and find great reward in helping people find their way through the obstacles life tends to hurl at us. If interested in receiving a reading, please visit my profile on liveperson. If you mention seeing this blog, I will offer a 50 percent discount on your first chat session. http://www.liveperson.com/magicsong-love-readings

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