She is Home. She is Mother. ( Happy Mother’s Day!)




   The first thing we know is our mother.   For nine months she is our entire universe.  Her heart beat, and her voice are the first things that we hear.  Her touch, her smell among the first we learn and recognize.  She is the one who feeds us physically and mentally as we grow.    She is who we seek for comfort, and the one who endures our adolescent protests. She is our first teacher, our first love, and her voice and lessons remain in our heads and hearts our whole lives.  Even grown men will still whimper for her when in pain or fear…… because she is Home.  She is Mother.


                 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful, brave women out there!


About MagicSong

I am a singer, actress, artist, writer, geek........but first and foremost I am a professional psychic reader. I began providing readings on the internet back in 1996 when chat rooms were still new, and I myself was a young college student. Over the years I have grown with my clients---laughed with them, grieved with them, and also learned so much from my experiences. Through doing relationship readings I have been exposed to so many avenues of human nature and interaction, that I consider myself an expert in relationships. I care for my clients, and find great reward in helping people find their way through the obstacles life tends to hurl at us. If interested in receiving a reading, please visit my profile on liveperson. If you mention seeing this blog, I will offer a 50 percent discount on your first chat session.

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