The Reasons to Maintain Your True-Self within a Relationship.



I have decided to make little blog entries on various topics of relationship advice.  Over the course of having provided relationship readings for over fifteen years I have seen so many situations, what works, what does not……and thus my plan is to just give occasional tips here on my blog.

Today’s topic has to do with being true to yourself.  In our desire and eagerness to be loved, and to make relationships work, it is very common and natural to try to “fit” ourselves as closely as we can to match the person of desire.   Sometimes this can be in small things such as, taking an interest in the sports they like, the music they listen to……but it sometimes goes much beyond that.    It is not uncommon to change religions, to shift gears and change personal career plans and goals—-however I think as risky as these changes can be, the ones that take the most toll are when we change our opinions, habits, little pieces of ourselves that make-up our larger unique whole.  “Oh he doesn’t like my laugh, he doesn’t like my tea cup collection, he thinks I am too talkative….”   It may at first seem a small price to change and re-make ourselves, but in the long-run it can come at such an extreme cost.   Eventually it will backfire.

Firstly, when we try to alter ourselves, it means we are not being true to the relationship ( let alone our own selves).   It means that in a way, the relationship is being based on little tiny lies—-that we are falling in love with each other on premises that are not solid, honest, or true.   Eventually the strain of having to go against our inner grain affects the relationship, causes resentments, and can even cause great shock when things unravel and the two people discover they are not at all who they thought each other were.   Sadly, this is a common story of what happens after marriage has been achieved.   The couple tries so hard to mold themselves to each other, and to hold-on for that ultimate goal and achievement of marriage……and then later once it is achieved, and they actually have to live with each other and maintain those facades, it just becomes too much.   I think this is a large contributing factor as to why so many marriages end after only a couple years.   People simply discover that things were not as they seemed.

It is far better to be your own self, little quirks and all.   It may off-put some prospective matches, but at least when you find the right one who truly loves you for who you really are—–then that means you have a true relationship that can last.   Not only will the relationship be solid, honest, and one where you truly know each other……..but you also will not have to operate under the strain of trying to force yourself into a different mold.   It means you are free to love your own self, be strong in your own identity, AND share in a genuine loving relationship free in the knowledge that they love YOU,  and not just some persona that you have created.

As much as we want to be loved and with someone, it is not worth the price of having to lose your own self in the process.


About MagicSong

I am a singer, actress, artist, writer, geek........but first and foremost I am a professional psychic reader. I began providing readings on the internet back in 1996 when chat rooms were still new, and I myself was a young college student. Over the years I have grown with my clients---laughed with them, grieved with them, and also learned so much from my experiences. Through doing relationship readings I have been exposed to so many avenues of human nature and interaction, that I consider myself an expert in relationships. I care for my clients, and find great reward in helping people find their way through the obstacles life tends to hurl at us. If interested in receiving a reading, please visit my profile on liveperson. If you mention seeing this blog, I will offer a 50 percent discount on your first chat session.

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